Thursday, June 16, 2005

Which Memo was that again?

The Downing Street Memo? Never heard of it. Neither apparently has Amy at Me First. She points out that the reason no one has ever heard of it is because the press dropped the ball. I tend to agree. ::ball rolls across floor and bumps into trashcan::

Jon Henke at Q and O has heard of it though. He posted an amazing round up of the text of the DSM as well as other british memos that are less than flattering about our rationale for war. And another post today has a really much more interesting analysis of these memos and what they mean.

This information is especially interesting when juxtaposed with Digby's post from today that contains the Joint Resolution that is our legal justification for going to war. And it is especially interesting to note that this joint resolution clarifies many reasons for war and only one of them turned out to be true.

So yeah.... that's all I've got.

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