Thursday, June 09, 2005


Last night Jon Stewart mentioned the Downing Street Memo when talking to Colin Powell. Obviously Colin Powell seemed to dismiss the memo and went on to talk about how they had behaved diplomatically etc.

This article on uber-liberal-Salon (via atrios) points out that it is finally starting to get some press. Bush and Blair were asked about it during their press conference on Tuesday and denied the accuracy of its contents. But this still leaves me wondering why it has taken SO long for this to get ANY media attention:

"This is where all the work conservatives and the administration have done in terms of bullying the press, making it less willing to write confrontational pieces -- this is where it's paid off," says David Brock, CEO of Media Matters for America, a liberal media advocacy group. "It's a glaring example of omission."

That might be a little conspiracy theoryish for me. But the article credits bloggers and other interest groups and editorializers for getting the media to finally give this not quite smoking gun some attention. I certainly think it is worthy of a little press. But I'm sure that our inept media will let the White House spin it uncontrollably until it seems as though we were stupid for ever thinking it was important.

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