Friday, June 10, 2005

Mmmm Nerd Love

Good news for all of the people I went to school with. The "normal" folks are finding out how much better geeks are than the rest of the world. This article from instaland is one example talking about how celebrity women enjoy dating "nerds" (If by nerd you mean non-hearthrob celebrities).

Also, I've been watching this show Beauty and the Geek during the commercials of some other show. Basically a model and a genius are paired up and they have to compete together and they all live in the same house. I think it is really funny how the girls are shocked at how nice the "geeks" are. I didn't know people as shallow as the woman on that show actually existed, obviously I was wrong. But the "geeks" are hardly geeks. Though the most attractive one left the first day, some of them do not make me gag at the sight of them, clearly they had to pick TV appropriate geeks.

Too bad I'm sure it will the centuries before anyone even contemplates that the same premise might apply to women.

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