Monday, June 13, 2005


in the entertainment industry this time. A headline by CNN : "Pitt, Jolie rumors lift 'Smith' at the box office"

I think that's ludicrous. While it is possible some people went to see the movie based on this I don't think that is the reason it went #1 and it would be stupid for anyone in the entertainment industry to believe this. For while the movie may not have had great reviews it had a number of things going for it besides the alleged love affair. (Which if Gigli tells us anything is not the way to promote a movie.)

1. Angelina Jolie is really really hot.
2. Brad Pitt is also really really hot.
3. There is romance and relationships to entertain the women
4. There is blowing up shit to entertain the men.
5. Finally a female character who kicks ass.

And while the movie wasn't Amazing (The dialogue was amazingly cheezy but they managed to pull it off fairly well.) It blew many recent flicks out of the water simply by not employing major suckitude.

So hollywood, I would advise you not to go around making movies and then manufacturing romances to promote them. Instead you could try making movies that don't suck as much.

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