Tuesday, June 07, 2005


This article today from CNN is an interesting analysis of how men and women think. Specifically about cars.

How do women decide which cars to buy?

"If you picture a fraction with cost as the numerator then, as the denominator, you have things like reliability, performance..." said Doug Scott, NOP World's automotive analyst.
He went on with a long list of factors.

To sum it up, women add up the good things, subtract the bad things, then compare the result with the cost of the car. Then they think carefully about the result.

Men, it seems, just add stuff up then wonder if they can afford it without having to switch to domestic beer.

Tee hee. It's a good article, this quote doesn't do it justice, so go read the rest.

Apparently the most popular car for men is a Porsche 911, unsurprising. And the most popular car for women is the yet unreleased pontiac G6. Eh, Pass, THIS is the one I want. ::purrrrrrrr:: To bad I'd have to give up beer entirely along with my apartment and food in order to afford it.

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