Tuesday, June 07, 2005

....And I feel Fine

The Bush administration is being called out by The National Academies for their lack of action against global warming. (The MSNBC article) (the full text of the Academie's statement)

Bush's position (much like my Father's) is that there is not enough evidence to prove that humans have caused global warming and therefore we shouldn't have to do anything about it. And the Academics say:

"a lack of full scientific certainty about some aspects of climate change is not a reason for delaying an immediate response."

I'm glad someone is saying this and I'm glad it is coming from 11 different countries including China and India some of the largest producers of greenhouse gasses. I just wish I thought it would have some effect on our president.

We could start harvesting hemp and run all our cars on biodiesel and be free of our dependance on oil in 10 years. But, Oh NO!, someone might get STONED!

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