Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Study Confirms: Water is wet!

Or in this case, Men want hot women.

Key Quote:
Their study involved 26 men and 20 women in Munich, Germany.

A sample size of 46 is not exactly compelling. So, basically, here is documented proof of Germany's misappropriation of research funds. Perhaps some actually interesting conclusions were drawn from this study.

Men's choices did not reflect their stated preferences, the researchers concluded. Instead, men appeared to base their decisions mostly on the women's physical attractiveness.

The men also appeared to be much less choosy. Men tended to select nearly every woman above a certain minimum attractiveness threshold, Todd said.

Women's actual choices, like men's, did not reflect their stated preferences, but they made more discriminating choices, the researchers found.

The scientists said women were aware of the importance of their own attractiveness to men, and adjusted their expectations to select the more desirable guys.

"Women made offers to men who had overall qualities that were on a par with the women's self-rated attractiveness. They didn't greatly overshoot their attractiveness," Todd said, "because part of the goal for women is to choose men who would stay with them"

But, he added, "they didn't go lower. They knew what they could get and aimed for that level."

So, it turns out, the women's attractiveness influenced the choices of the men and the women.

Kind of interesting... but aren't their some diseases we should be curing or something?