Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Cure!!!

At last, a cure has been found for those suffering from the affliction commonly known as THE GAY!

And the cure is? God or some crap.

Riiiight. Maybe the Christians should spend less time curing the gay and more time curing things like aids, poverty and cancer. Just a thought.

So here are my thoughts. I know you're just dying to hear them. Being heterosexual or Homosexual (or inbetween which applies to some of us) has a lot to do with who you love. Gay people happen to love people who are of the same gender, and enjoy having sex with said people. Straight people tend to fall in love with members of the opposite sex and likewise enjoy making babies together. So it really has a lot to do with who you fall into love (or lust) with, and less to do with evil, sinfullness and other stuff that seems to end up getting talked about.

Some might say that I'm oversimplifying the whole sexual identity issue, but I think that the reason it has become complicated is because we made an issue out of it in the first place.

I don't like this Christian conference because I think that it probably in some ways capitalizes on shame or guilt that is frequently felt by homosexuals. Some gay people struggle with their identity for a long time before acknowledging it, and even then they can feel large amounts of shame because society says their is something "wrong" with them. They can use that shame to make themselves live lives with people they do not love as so many people have done in the past, or they can pursue a dream of a happy fulfilling relationship.

I hope that the people involved in this conference can find someone they love of either gender and be happy with them, because in the end lables like Gay, Ex-Gay or Straight aren't what matter. What matters is being happy while we can.

A rare moment of spirituality: God has given us the gifts of love, and in my opinion it would be a sin to throw away his gift of love for another person just because that person happend to be of the wrong gender.

Too.... much ....sentimentality....... must .......... Kill.......... Things.

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