Friday, June 03, 2005


I still haven't seen the new Star Wars. This may in fact make me a pariah among my bloggy bretheren. But I have no desire to see it. But I keep reading posts about it, like for instance everything posted at ASV, and this post at Absinthe and Cookies, yeah, really, no idea what they are talking about. But fortunately I know enough french to vaguely get the gist. From everything I've heard I'm going to really hate this movie, so my expecations are low. But I would like to be able to participate in the blogosphere without fear of someone throwing a rock through my window that reads "Get out Jock". Therefore I will now make phone calls and find someone to go see it with me. Oh man, I'm such a loser.

I'm on hold with Dell Tech Support, because as of tomorrow I will have gone 7 days without Worlds of Warcraft, or AIM. I'm starting to get snappy and irritable and I'm thinking of taking up smoking just to take the edge off. So now I have to wait until 4 and if they don't call me then I will have to wait until MONDAY. I'm going to cry. I finally have endless amounts of free time to play on my computer, and of course it is broken. God hates me.

UPDATE! As of 5:40pm on Friday my computer is still working!!!! I am Shinobi's joy!

UPDATE: Re Broken as of 9:00pm. God hates me.

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