Monday, June 13, 2005

Pitt Bulls

I hate humans. People like this are the reason that every year hundred of sweet goodnatured dogs can't find homes. This woman had an unneutered pitt bulls breeding in her home with her children. This is just stupid. She tried to keep her kids out of the way by putting them in the basement of all things. HELLO put the dogs outside. And one of them came in and the male dog attacked and killed her child. What an idiotic woman, and that poor dog.

Via (ASV) Michele put it best I think:

Ah, no. It wasn't his time. You stupid, crazy, batshit, selfish, brain dead, idiotic woman. You made it his time. It's not his fault for opening the basement door. It's not fate's fault for making this his "time" to go. It's not even the damn dog's fault. It's your fault. YOURS.

I feel so sorry for that kid , I am sure he loved this dog and it breaks my heart that because their mother is incompetant both the boy and the dog suffered. He was probably shocked when his dog turned on him, not understanding how the dog he loved could be so angry. But I'm sure they are in heaven together right now looking down on his idiot of a mother and playing tug with the best rope chew ever.

And on top of all of this I can't believe she was letting those dogs breed! IT is so irresponsible, Pitt Bulls have a hard enough time finding homes as it is. And now because she is so irresponsible a child and a dog are dead and another 100 dogs at least will have to be put down because they cant' find homes.

Pitt bulls are already overpopulated, they attract the wrong kind of owner, which results in incidents like this, and people breed them so they can sell them to their friends who eventually abuse them or "donate" them to the animal shelter where if they aren't put down they waste away trying to find homes. As JoeB put it in the comments at ASV

" What's obvoius here is that some HUMANS should be spayed or neutered before they breed..."

Here is a great article from the NYC ASPCA on the Pitt Bull. I don't think everyone should run out and get one. But they are great dogs.

And here are some of the Pitt Bulls that I know that are still looking for homes:

Stretch is a Pitt/Lab mix, and is sweet as can be. When I take him offsite he always ends up kissing babies.
BooBoo is the cutest little guy. He was brought back to the shelter because his first adopters didn't train him or give him things to do. He's a real cuddlepuss, he loves belly rubs.
Ebony is a gorgeous girl who is terrified of big noises. She's still learning her way around the big world and she needs a human to love her and keep her safe.


Anonymous said...

people do not under stand these dogs, you cannot keep them away from people they are going to be around every day, the dog should have known who these children were that would have avoided the bite

Anonymous said...

I have had pitt bulls for years now. I have trained my first to be a service dog. Im hearing impaired but after i had my first pitt Lucky put to sleep because of brain tumors.I breed my female and got me the sweetest little pup name dozer to be my new ears and im happy but i do miss my lucky but my new pup has so much of lucky in him and lucky was not the father.But as it goes im trying so hard to change the views of what people think of pitts.But you do have stupided people out there who do stupided things with pitts.I hate that because my are the sweetest things are so loveing and careing i would not change them or give them up for anything and i did do back ground checks on those who wanted my pitt pups.So those stupided people who think they know pitts do not and they should be put to sleep or put in shelters or taken out in the woods and shot not the pitts.