Sunday, April 30, 2006

Brass Balls

Stephen Colbert is my hero.

Thank you for saying what we were all thinking to their faces, where they couldn't ignore you.

Video at Crooks and Liars

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Day Without an Immigrant

Thank god, Finally, a day when someone wont mumble in my general direction in spanish. Oh wait, no, You're going to all come downtown and be rowdy while I'm trying, to you know, work. Fabulous, and then I wont be able to get home because You'll be crowding the streets and causing traffic jams. I really wish it WERE a day without an immigrant. If you want to protest your treatment here in America, oh illegal immigrants who are so crucial to our very being, why don't you GO HOME.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gender Discrimination

I was reading this post earlier via Ilyka regarding women in america, and the claim made by the objectivist is that gender equality has been achieved in the US and therefore feminism is unneccessary. I know it's about a week old but the points that the objectivist made really pissed me off, his claim, as follows:

On campuses, government offices, and courthouses,

there are still endless discussions of glass ceilings and

old boys’ networks. These parables are then used to

justify preferential treatment in government hiring and
contracts, litigation involving claims of sex

discrimination, women’s studies departments

in academia, and year-of-the-woman articles about

Yup, endless discussions of things that are clearly no longer a problem because some guy wrote a book (which I referenced in an earlier post) claiming the wage gap no longer exists cause some women make more than men. Awesome, so feminism must've worked, quit whining ladies.

Or did it? This afternoon I got an IM from my former boyfriend about his sister. He was looking for information on where to report violations of the Equal Opportunity Employment acts. His little sister it seems had gone to an audio/technology store and requested an application for employment, and the people there laughed at her and informed her that they don't hire women because "its a place for 'grown up guy toys.'" (By the way if anyone (male or female) has similar issues they can report it via the instructions at this site.)

Now I can understand their reluctance to hire a young girl for a technology store, because they may not be confident in her abilities or understanding of the product. But I'm sure not everyone who works there knows everything about stereos when they start, so why not give her the chance to learn. Or if they are only hiring experience employees that is no reason not to give her an app and simply not call her back if she didn't fit their needs. But to make assumptions about her abilities or her ability to learn based soley on gender is so wrong in so many ways.

I feel that while some people are still evaluated based on superficial characteristics like gender or race that activists like the radical feminists still need to exist. One incident like this is one too many.

Monday, April 03, 2006

What Happen's in Vegas....

Is freaking amazing.

I spent last weekend in Vegas for a bachelorette party. We didn't see strippers, we saw Avenue Q and Zumanity which were boht completely amazing shows. We drank a lot and didn't sleep much. I can't even believe I'm at work today, I think I am still hungover.

I was going to write a long post about how stupid people are. But it turns out that I'm too fucking tired.

Work's been crazy sorry for the postlessness.