Monday, June 06, 2005

Supreme Buzzkill

A stinging defeat today for marajuana lobbyists. (Or are they Activists? I don't know that anyone who smokes pot could really be considered "active.") The supreme court has ruled that Federal authorities can still prosecute medical marajuana users in states where it has been legalized. Damn Activist Judges legislating from the bench!

Sucks for all of the old people and cancer victims. I guess they'll just have to smoke it illegally like the rest of the country.

UPDATE: Awesome post by Digby on this.

And so continues the government's irrational war on the worlds most innocuous drug. But then why would we want a rational basis for any war? It's a way better idea to just decide to go and then make stuff up, because the only people who will complain will be losers with no credibility.

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