Thursday, May 05, 2005

Survey of Superficiality

Oh My god, like, I totally hate it when guys have like, back hair and stuff.

Ugh, I'm gagging. MSNBC and Elle have done a "survey" of people's pet peeves while dating. The article is pretty careful not to attribute anything to the whole american population. And I can't say the results surprise me considering the survey was of people who read Elle. Barf.

However mostt of their survey seemed to have to do with basic hygene and physical appearance, breast sizes, weight, bad breath, back hair. How does porn affect your image of your partner? type stuff. Yuck.

I wonder if they even ASKED about anything besides personal hygene? How is crooked teeth a dating pet peeve? It sounds to me like a superficial hang up. All of the questions were like that. So I will provide a list of my own dating pet peeves for any desperate losers waiting around for me and BF to break up.

My Dating Pet Peeves:
  • forcing me to read bad poetry
  • trying to impress me with extensive knowledge of only one topic
  • failing to discuss ANYTHING but that one thing you know a lot about (beer, cars, heavy metal, etc.)
  • agreeing with me all of the time
  • stalking me

I have one superficial requirement: Men must be taller than 5'10," I'm 6' and I think it is reasonable for me to only date men taller than the shortest member of my family. (Okay smartasses, I know what you're thinking and that does NOT count as a date.)

So yeah, if I'm on the market again anytime soon, (Unlikely) now you know how not to piss me off. Basically, have a personality. I figure personal grooming is something that can be fixed, but boringness there is no cure for.

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