Tuesday, May 17, 2005

# Ninja and the Migraine

This morning our faithful Ninja arrived at work after a 2 hour battle with a migraine that was only won after calling in reinforcements. In her in box she found an e-mail waiting for her from Dumbass. This e-mail, very politely requested that she do some copy and pasting. However Ninja has been doing this particular copying and pasting every week for the past 6 months. And this week this copying and pasting is going to be particularly useful, and so Ninja, being the amazing copy an paste artist that she is was already starting to do this when she opened the e-mail. Needless to say she was slightly peeved to be reminded to do work that she was already doing. She informed Dumbass that she had the matter well in hand and that his request was unnecessary. Dumbass declared that she was being too "sensitive."

Blogging will be light this week because I there is actually work to do AND I'm going back to St. Louis to watch the Sister of Shinobi graduate from HighSchool.

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