Friday, May 13, 2005


I'm back today. Left work early yesterday because I was sick, so I WoWed and slept all afternoon. Didja miss me? No? Thought not.

This morning I've read 3 posts on John Bolton. All of them are pro his confirmation.

I'm pretty on the fence about Bolton. Some people seem to that he is what the UN needs, I tend to disagree. I myself am not very good at being diplomatic. I tend to tell people exactly what I think in the crudest terms imaginable. (You can ask my best friend who I nagged for 5 years to break up with her boyfriend with complete disregard for her feelings in the matter.) This is why I, will never work at the UN. For while being obtuse and mean may work with friends or subordinates, it does not work with other diplomats.

Now, I'm not trying to say that John Bolton actually is that big of an asshole, because I don't know him. But Senator Voynavich seems to think that he is. This concerns me, why? To explain I will use a quote from Independance Day which I recently re watched "The LA Police department have asked citizens to refrain from firing their guns at the spaceship, you may inadvertantly trigger an interstellar war." Similarly I would ask that John bolton refrain from insulting members of the UN, he may inadvertantly make things worse for us.

I am sure he will get confirmed and everyone will forget all of the partisan posturing that has been going on. But my private hope is that Congress will actually make a decision based on what is best for the country which may or may not be confirming Bolton. Whoa... sorry what? I must be crazy.

But my personal opinion is that we need a Dick in the UN, not another Asshole. Why? Because Dick's can fuck those pussies in the UN, and dicks can also fuck the assholes. (Go Team America!!!)

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