Monday, May 09, 2005


If I had tags, I would file this under bitter.

Everyone is posting about Ariana Huffingtons new blogthingy. Some people are being optimistic about its future and nice about it. Others, well.... is this optimism?

I however, will be reading and posting on This blog instead. (Via Michele Malkin who I never thought I would link to) I really like their title too!

I think the reason I was attracted to the blogosphere is that it seems to in some way reward individuals who are intelligent and who have things to say. (hence, no traffic for me) And while I have respect for celebrities, and think that it is great that they have opinions I can turn on the TV at any time and find out what they think, that's why I don't watch TV news anymore.

I'm not saying that I dont think celebrities should have blogs. I think they should, and if they have valuable things to say I will link to them and read them as individauls. But I think that to create a powerhouse of recognizable names and a blogroll of the most popular blogs etc... well, it's just unfair to the rest of us.

Arianna Huffington's makes me think of building a megamall full of chains right next to a street with lots of high quality privately owned shops.

Or is it the Celebrity DU?

I could name dozens of blogs with far more insight, intelligence, and worth that will never get mentioned in the media, yet because a handful of vapid Hollywood twats is throwing their names into the fray, this site will get ungarnered attention.

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