Friday, May 06, 2005

Dog Blogging

Yeah so, I think cat blogging is dumb. Dog blogging is equally dumb. But I'm going to do it anyway on the off chance that anyone in the Pittsburgh area is looking to adopt a dog and might actually read this blog. HAH!

This is my buddy Treach (not to be confused with Treacher, who, sadly is not my buddy, because he doesn't know me.) Treach is a big boy and can be a little intimidating. But fortunately He's great with kids and is very smart and friendly. We spent last saturday together at Petsmart shopping for a new family, but he didn't find any that he really liked. He needs a nice family to spoil him and fatten him up a bit.

And this is Bruiser. He's a sweet puppy who lost one of his legs. He's still learning to get around, but he desperately needs someone to love him and tell him it will all be okay.

Support your local animal shelter. And have a nice weekend.

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