Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Guess whose getting flown to NYC to interview at a consulting firm? me Me ME! ThoughI still have to find somewhere to stay. Hotels are SOOO expensive in manhattan and I don't want to stay by JFK. Damn. Oh well, at least I'm saving on airfare.

I hate corresponding with HR people though, I find myself over analyzing every single word and wondering if it is the one thing that will result in them not hiring me. But you know what, I'm fabulous and if they don't like that I said interview instead of appointment, or that I double checked the time of the interview then they can just Fuck Off. Seriously

Hey, have you taken my survey yet? Cause I'm up to 4 whole responders.... and I know only 10 people read this blog, but that leaves 6 people who haven't taken it. But it's 4 questions people, don't make me feel like a bigger loser.

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