Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bring your Brat to work day.

The sad thing is, I would SO much rather go hang out with the 13 year olds than talk to the most of the people I work with. With the Exception of like 2 people.
Dumbass is currently being EXTREMELY patronizing to the daughter of one of my (cool) coworkers. She was very nice when I talked to her, and seems pretty bright, we talked about where I went to school for a few minutes. I never know what to say to kids when their parents are around. Of course dumbass is asking her questions like "oh, what do you have in your bag, Oh that's nice. hahahaha... blah blah blah" It is agonizing to listen to, she's not a toddler.
I hate being an adult, this sucks.
Although apparently the kids are trapped in the cafeteria being forced to listen to some presentations and doing ceremonies and stuff. At least I get to surf the internet while being bored out of my scull, they just have to sit there and take it.
When I went to work with my Dad we always did cool stuff like tour factories. Once we went to an aluminum foundry. Which sounded boring until I got to watch guys pour molten metal into molds. That was cool. But The Company that Shall Not Be Named doesn't do anything nearly as cool as pour metal into things.

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