Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Man that poll was gay

Sports Illustrated conducted a poll on attitudes towards gays in professional sports. This article is absolutely my favorite.

An NBC/USA Network poll, published in Sports Illustrated, found that 86
percent of 949 people surveyed say they'd have no problem with an openly gay
male athlete. But when the question went another step -- would your team be hurt
by having a gay athlete? -- 24 percent answered yes.

Why is this article my favorite? Please see what follows

Which proves one of two things:
• People can't even figure out what they think, let alone how all of society should react.
• People aren't listening, and will say anything to get the telemarketers off the phone.

Researchers left out one important detail: how many times the pollees were heard saying, ``Not that there's anything wrong with that.''

But has no qualms about creating a very optimistic headline that
is not entirely accurate. (Okay, it's not accurate at all)Poll: Most Support Gay Pro Athletes Global Scan Canada is promoting the Gay Agenda as well Most Americans OK With Homosexual Athletes.

But one gay athelete would pollute the entire pool and then we'll all catch THEGAY!! Run for your heterosexuality! Run!

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