Friday, April 01, 2005

A Day in the life: #Ninja

8:30 Am- Wake up to demon on chest meowing for food, roll over.

8:31 Am- Allow pitiful demon to escape evil clutches.

9:10 Am- More demon meowing, this time the other one. Look at clock, lay in bed.

9:20 Am- Alarm goes off, get up, feed demons. Take shower, then lay in bed with towel on head.
9:45 Am- Get up, Get dressed, say good bye to sleeping boyfriend walk to work.

10:00 am- Enter work, checking to see if Dumbass has arrived, he has. Check gmail, then check work e-mail

10:30 am- E-mail from Dumbass makes no sense, one sentance e-mail for clarification.

10:45 am- "Clarification" arrives in which Dumbass continues to use the same term to discuss two COMPLETELY different issues for at least 2 paragraphs. Get Annoyed, Walk over to Dumbass and ask what he meant? After an agonizing process which takes around a half an hour get Dumbass to realize that he is in fact discussing 4 completely different issues, three of which are not issues at all but things that are working properly. Subtley guide him towards the conclusion that he needs to use better terminology.

11:30-12:30 - Read blogs, read CNN, read anything, call boyfriend make sure he woke up, post things on blog, contemplate suicide, check gmail, check gmail again.

12:45- Go to cafeteria and purchase "lunch" which consists of an overpriced salad from the salad bar and something sandwitch shaped. Spend at least 6 dollars. Get Ice for coke products hidden in desk. (Coke is no longer sold at the Company that shall not be Named Pepsi is the a client now)

1:00- Finish eating, read more blogs, post something on blog about how stupid Dumbass is

1:30- Visit CoolGirl in her cube, discuss Dumbass's dumbassness, talk to TallGuy about last night's episode of a tv show.

2:30 pm - Return to cell, send file to client. Check e-mail, check gmail, check horoscope. Look for jobs on job sites.

3:00 pm- Your kidding me, how is it only 3pm?

3:15 pm- OH MY GOD THIS DAY WILL NOT END. Dumbass forwards e-mail from makers of Cancer Sticks requesting data that it will be very difficult to get and that will add approximately 0 value to project. Get annoyed, wonder when you'll have to do the tedious work involved in setting it up. Procrastinate.

3:30 pm- Be really bored, really really really bored. Wish that had charged iPod last night.

4:00 pm- Take a feild trip downstairs to the mail room.

4:05 pm- You've got to be kidding me.... work on bad sci fi novel to pass the time.

4:30 pm Watch the steady stream of happy people leave the office, be annoyed. Check to see if Dumbass has left.

4:40 pm Check to see if Dumbass has left every 2 minutes from now on.

5:04 pm Dumbass Leaves- Tell CoolGirl, use stealth mode to exit building.

5:30 - 11:00 Hate the fact that time is passing and that every moment is one moment closer to having to go back to work.

11:30 watch Daily Show, Sleep.

So yeah, that's about my average day. Just thought I'd provide more Schadenfreude for you people. Oh a happy note I have an interview in NYC next friday. Now if only I could figure out how to get there/where to stay.

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