Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Survey results

I totally forgot, a billion years ago I posted a survey about my blog and 9 people responded. WOOO 9!

And now for AMAZING statistics that mean ABSOLUTELY nothing:

When asked how much my blog sucked
22% of you said Only when Asked Politely
and a whopping 77% told me to Shut up because I'm Fabulous.

Why thank you! Shutting up, now.

7 out of 9 of you said I should keep posting the Dumbass v. Ninja stuff. Fortunately for those other 2 people nothing interesting has happend lately but I will keep that in mind.

And 3 of 9 people were'nt listening when I asked if I should keep posting about stats. So they can just go back to sleep and I'll leave them alone.

You can still take the survey here if you still haven't, cause I have no reason to turn it off.

Jeff Jarvis is still calling for open source polling. Which is still a good idea, but unfortunately I still can't think of a way to get a representative sample. Ideas? (I totally need to start a business or something soon before I go insane.)

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