Monday, January 09, 2006

How Annoying

It is now illegal to annoy people via the internet, especially if you use an assumed name.

(I'm screwed)


Pyrrho said...

it's fucking appalling, honestly, it can't stand.

intent to annoy? are they fucking kidding.

empire's start to get really ridiculous as the nutcases start to pop off.

otoh, sorry, had to report you. I get extra pudding now.

Pyrrho said...

the extra apostrophes are annyoing... I know, but not intentional! NOT INTENTIONAL!

unintentional annoying is still legit.

Kav said...

so how does this work for those of us in a foreign country?

I need to read up on this.

Hmm, perhaps there were viable arguments as to why the Internet should be removed from sole American control...

prairie biker said...

It always has been. The only change is the law added "intent".