Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good Advice

Not that many "trolling for girlies" types read my blog (god, at least I hope not) but recently I have been the victim of far to many poor attempts at gaining my affection by trying to impress me, in manner of trying to be witty without actually being interesting. Usually there is a lot of treating me like some doe eyed girl just waiting to be overawed by some wonderful man so he can take me away to a fairy land where I can look pretty and be a warmer, significantly more skilled version of a Real Doll.

And while all of that sounds tempting, the Advice Goddess has some good advice for men looking to "score" that will probably be much more effective.

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Kav said...

Damn, you mean my wittiness just isn't interesting. Oh well.

As someone who was spectacularly unsuccessful with girls when dating ('oh, you're such a good friend') that advice would have been useful.

But hey, I managed to get myself picked up in a pub without trying and now I'm happily married :-)

Sometimes life can be very good.