Friday, January 27, 2006

Calling All Browncoats!

The Firefly Season 2 Project:Captain Mal and the crew of Serenity need your
help to stay flying.

We are looking to push the envelope of episodic television by
offering Season Two of Firefly in a groundbreaking new format. Each episode (or
the entire season) would be made available for purchase in Standard or

It's possible that subscribers may choose one of three playback options;
monthly DVD deliveries, TV On-Demand using your cable or satellite provider, or
computer viewing via Streaming Download.

It's also possible that a box set of DVD's would be available at the end of
the season. In order for our plan to be successful, we need to take stock of the
browncoat recruits that support our cause. It will only take a minute, is
strictly confidential, and each profile will take us one step closer to

Sign up here to tell Firefly how they should deliver Season 2 to us. (Via Balloon Juice)

Three cheers for on demand content! And Independance from the Network Alliance!

UPDATE: Anonymous pointed me to a couple of websites indicating this might not be on the up and up. But all the info in that form is optional if you want to fill it out still. Alas, wishful thinking.

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Anonymous said...

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