Monday, October 17, 2005

Would Hil be better off without Bill?

Digby pointed out some amazing journalism today. Apparently there is some matrimonal fracas in the Clinton household. Really Shocking.

But it made me wonder, would Hillary have a better chance in 2008 without Bill? I am torn on this, because Pres. Clinton is clearly very popular with Dems and so he might be a useful face on the campaign trail. On the other side of the coin some right wingers hate him with the fire of a thousand suns, and some might equate a vote for Hillary as a vote for another term with Bill as president. (Which may or may not be a good thing depending on who you talk to)Would ridding herself of her hubby give her a better chance to ingratiate herself with the center right? And would it destroy her chances with Value Voters and Clinton lovers?

Also, does a single woman have a better chance at the presidency than a married one? Harriet Miers is unmarried, and Condi Rice's bio says nothing about a husband (does she have one? anybody?). Arguably the reason Miers and (possibly) Rice aren't married could be because they chose to focus on career instead of family. But Mrs. Clinton already has a family, though her daughter is now fully grown. Would splitting up absolutely ruin her chances? Or would she gain some respect for striking out on her own from her filandering husband? Also would being sans-man help the American public deal with the pesky "she's a woman" issue without having to tackle the whole "First Gentleman" issue?

I have no idea. But it is interesting to think about.

Hillary Clinton v. Condi Rice race in 2008: the closest political pundits will ever get to a real catfight. Heh.


Averroes said...

I've been pushing the Condi-Hillarry race so long that i originally proposed that Cheney bow out in 2004 (for health reasons) and Condi run so that she could get some "elected office" experience.

Like Miers, she is unmarried. of course this means that they are lesbos, although some think that Miers has an unrequited love for Bush. And who wouldn't.

All i can say about Condi is that every time she flashes that smile, I can't help thinking that i wouldn't mind playing her piano. I KNOW she could play mine.

Here's the odd thing: if Hillary splits up Billary, Bill is still required by party loyalty to support her in the race. Probably witha new young thing on his arm.

Hillary needs him, for he is an easy and natural politician. He would certainly give her campaign good advice. unless it involved giving up that new young thing.

As for how a single woman might do, consider this:

On the CSPAN caoll in show, the day after Mier was announced, a woman called in very disturbed by her becomeiing a justice. she said she was unqualified. The moderator asked why she was unqualified. The answer?
(I swear know) She never gave birth! The moderator was so taken aback he stumbled trying to get the obvious question out.

So THAT's why Souter is so bad!

vbspurs said...

You know, I was in passing on the Iowahawk blog, when I saw this post of yours waaaaaay back in March 2005.

It struck my eye, because it's not so often I find such a sexist thing posted on a serious blog.

Shinobi wrote:

Do you have a special chapter for women?

Because you know I was going to write about po... how do you spell it? Polotics, but it is so confusing and there are no pretty pictures. And reading is so unladylike.

Maybe I'll just start a blogthingy about shoes, everyone likes shoes, right?

So being bored today, I decided to peruse your blog.

Correct me if I am wrong, but seeing as how you don't agree with anything Ann Coulter would say, I take it you tilt left, politically?

If so, then allow to fill you in on something.

Your kind of person likes to tout themselves as being as feminist or at least pro-woman.

Failing that, at least they don't tolerate sexism.

And darlin', saying things like 'cat-fight', and 'polotics', and 'blog about shoes' about women is sexist.

Or mysoginistic. Or indeed, gay.

Your choice, buddy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to count my Manolo Blahniks. Be back soon!

owlish said...

Sarcasm? Anyone?

Anyway. I think a woman running for President would have to as close to an American ideal as possible. I think there are more people who would be bothered by Hillary getting a divorce than would vote for her only if she divorce Bill. A never married woman might be able to win; I don't think a divorced woman can.

Condi Rice keeps winning the "wishful thinking" polls for Republican presidential candidates. She keeps saying she won't run, though.