Sunday, October 30, 2005


This message has been brought to you by Halls Defense, citrus flavored.

How is it possible for me to feel this crappy and still not be running a fever? I didn't know that I actually had this many lymph nodes that could swell, this is ridiculous.

I don't actually have anything of value to say at the moment, but the non drowsy sudafed I took wont let me sleep, so I just wanted to share my misery with someone who isn't my roomate cause I'm sure he will be sharing my misery here within a week or so. I wonder how well sudafed mixes with tylenol PM, I'll do some research and get back to you.

Update 3:41AM: Does this mean I'm live blogging my illness? Cause that is sad. The Tylenol PM Sudafed coctail has not worked. I am wide fucking awake and in serious pain. WOO HOOOOOOOO. I don't know how I'm going to go to work tomorrow.

Update 8:07AM: Not actually going to work. Wooooooooooo. Time to go back to sleep. I might actually post something of substance later.

Update Day 2 1:30PM: The doctor is testing me for mono and they gave me painkillers. You can actually see my lymph nodes without even trying to look for them.

Update Day 2 9:16PM: Picked up my laptop from work. I asked the doc if I could work and she said "uhhh... not with people you like." So I'm working from home which will be a new experience for me. I just took my first awesomely cool bright Pink pain pill which my med student friend informs me is also a muscle relaxer. I haven't eaten anything solid in 24 hours so this should be a fun night.

Update Day 3 8:30PM: Officially Mono. Pain pills are amazing.


Averroes said...

Just remember that decongestants are speed, and antihistamines are downers. Best not to take to much of either.

Swollen lymph nodes? Could be mononucleosis!

If so, it's really fun. Shortly after i got it, at about your age, IU realized that i had been in bed for 24 hours without sleeping, and was hungry. For some reason i craved spinach. But, alas, i was just too tired to get up and eat.

My furture mother-in-law took me in, let me sleep in the basement rec room, and waited on me hand and foot, including her great Italian cooking, every day ffor six weeks.

Truth is that the acute portion was over in a week or so, and by 4-5 weeks, i was well. She eventually ralized that and told me, "I think your well now. Time to go back to your apartment."

I think that if she had never said that, i'd still be there!

Now, assuming your roommate doesn't get it, is he willing to cook three meals a day for you and tend to your every need?

btw, i did lose about 20 pounds even with the cooking. And in those days, i didn't need to.

ebird said...

Av got the kissing disease? seams unlikely ;-)

hrun said...

Shinobi, I can't believe you gave up after only mixing two drugs. Where's your experimental spirit? How about throwing some gin into the mix? Maybe some antibiotics on top? I'm sure that some combination will help you sleep.

Kav said...

Suck it up you wuss!
Hah, you women when you get a sniffle! It's all lying on the couch, sniffling and asking for tea and coffee and biscuits and full meals. All that whining and... oh hold on a minute, that's us men isn't it? My bad.

Shinobi said...

Gin? Ewwwwwwww. Tea sounds good though. Too bad my cats aren't very good tea and biscuit makers. /sigh

These are the times when one misses having a sla... I mean... Boyfriend.

Pyrrho said...

um, get better soon.

too bad you are wasted but at least you have an incomprehensible combinations of symptoms... that shows class.