Friday, October 14, 2005


Theory: The quality of anything in inversely proportional to the amount of advertising for that thing.

Proof in progress: Elizabethtown

If I could go one day without seeing an ad for this movie, I'd be happy. The first time I saw the preview I was vaguely interested in a "both of those people are attractive enough to distract me for 1.5 hours" kind of way. But after 2 weeks of constant innundation I know there is no way this movie can be good.

Also further proof this movie sucks arrived when every time I tried to close a browser window and brought my mouse too close to my IM window a big picture of Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst swooning at eachother appeared. And if there is an advert for it on my IM, then I KNOW it isn't going to be good. (See Also: America's Next Top Model)

The sad thing is that advertising like this works, I am so brainwashed by this point I will probably go see this stupid movie just so I can say "THAT MOVIE SUCKED" every time I see an ad for it. (which will no doubt be ever 5 minutes for the next week at least, and then every 2 minutes when the DVD comes out in a month)


Averroes said...

Nice advertising;

One comment and one question:

1) I never heard of it.

2) Who are Orlando Boom and Kirsten Dunst? i never heard of them.

Shinobi said...

If you aren't being sarcastic, I want to live in whatever bubble you live in.

Pyrrho said...

after years of net communication, I have a kill filter so effective built in the very firt neurons behind my retina... no matter the media... I didn't really absorbe this movie.

After following the link... I did realize "oh that"... and now... I'm wondering...well, Dunst for 1.5 hours... might be worth it.


PS: I'm almost certain Averroes is serious, but there are other distractions within the bubble, if I'm correct, yes Av?

Pyrrho said...

absorbe... because there are never too many e's at the end of a worde.

Averroes said...

Yes, folds, i was serious. i've never had much of a connection with pop connection. For instance, mostly the only reason i know hit tunes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, let alone the oughts, is from those compilation album (tape, and now, CD) commercials.

The first time i heard of Freddy Fender was when i heard this on my TV, many yuears ago: "And who could forget Freddie Fender? [music]"Wasted days and wasted ni-ights."

To this day all i know izx that Freddie Fender sand a song with these five words sung in it.

i guess i was too busy wasting my days and wasting my nights.

With sex, drugs, and jazz. You knowl jazz is edgy, expressive, in your face. i much prefer it to elevator music like rock.

Shinobi said...

Well, if it makes you feel better, I don't know who Freddie Fender is either.

Anonymous said...

shinobi... could you delete that quick... and then keep my secret forever?

Shinobi said...

Yes. Yes I could. But only for you.

Anonymous said...

what a love... thanks. :)

Averroes said...

Shinobi, your callowness explains, perhaps, your never having heard of Fender.

But to further make my bonafides here, last night i awoke to one of those "great hits of the 70s" infomercials. the controls were controlled by my sleeping wife,and i was too tired to get up. So i endured the hell fro 25 minutes.

The advertisement was "150 great hits by 150 different artists." i recognized about 10 artists. As for the songs, i recognized more, but simply from the fact that i had heard the hook on other such ads. For instance:

by some guys in costumes one of which is an Indian. All i know.

Willy did something or something like that.

There was something by "Captain and the Neil" New to me.

And so on.

I have to confess, however, that my daughter, 19, actually does know pop music. occasionally i'll come upon her listening to some. She played me a "song" by someone named "enyo."

At such times, I can't resist hamming "Where have I gone wrong??"