Thursday, October 20, 2005


I haven't posted much on Miers because I am so disgusted I don't even have the energy to be outraged.

But today Progress For America sent me this little jewel. I have no idea how I got on their mailing list. They were hoping to convince me that Harriet Miers is just as good as John Marshall, Byron White, Clarence Thomas and William Renquist by writing her name next to theirs a bunch of times and showing how similar they are.

Gee. I was sooooo wrong. How could I not have been convinced by their mindless propaganda before this.

(Unrelated Note: Fuck the Astros, Go SOX!)

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Averroes said...

Gosh, shinobui, i think you overinterpreted that. seems to me that they were trying to make the point that prior judicial experience is not necessary for a Supreme Court justice.

Perhaps your interpretation is what YOU would have been trying to do if YOU had issued such a thing.

But i will admit that i was so disappointed in this nomination that I can't even get interested in the confirmation proceedings.

She is certainly no Janice Rogers Brown.