Thursday, July 07, 2005


Yay Kav's Okay!

I never know what to say when stuff like this happens. Anything I could say just seems so empty. So here is my best shot, don't laugh at me.

We're with you London.

Update: Kav has an excellent plan for the UK in responding to these attacks.

Update: There has been lots of stuff around about the date, and how it will be added to the list of infamous dates. 3.11, 9.11 and now 7.7. I can't help wondering if they intentionally stayed away from 7.11. (NOT that a terrorist attack on any day is okay obviously.)

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Kav said...

Thanks Shinobi.
I pity the terrorists who have messed with the UK and London. They have clearly never heard of the blitz and how the Londoners (and others) coped. Plus coping with years of mad Irish murderers certainly didn't cause us to buckle.