Friday, July 01, 2005

Dumbass v. #Ninja: Stirrings of Revolution

The revolution is beginning.

After two months of employing a divide and conquor strategy on his lowly minions Dumbass's dumbassness has come fully to light. While communicating to all three of his minions individualy Dumbass has forgotten 2 important things. The first one is that we are all working on his preformance review right now and he has pissed every single one of us off this week. The second thing is that women talk about everything. Apparently because of his disdain for these pathetic creatures he never bothered to learn that what you say to one woman invariably gets repeated to at least one other. And that when three of them work in close quarters it is unlikely that anything you say to one will remain said only to that one.

His incompetence lead him to keep my friend Turkishlady in the dark about the actual structure of the project after her return from maternity leave. He neglected to inform her that the responsibility for almost the entirety of the project now rested in the hands of CoolGirl (who is pregnant and is only here for another 4 months before she goes on maternity leave). This would be great for all concerned except that TurkishLady had been promised similar responsibility before she went on her maternity leave. And his inability to actually inform her of the current state of affairs has created a small problem.

Meanwhile he told CoolGirl that she needed to be "managing" us more. That is, taking e-mails we are already getting, forwarding them to us and telling us what to do with them, even though we already know perfectly well what to do. CoolGirl told him that this was micro-managing and that this was why I had blown up at him 2 months ago. He said that it wasn't why. Lord knows why else he would think that this #Ninja would unleash her fury upon him, but I'm sure it is something patronizing and wrong. He also told CoolGirl that TurkishLady and I had come to him with "complaints" about her management style. This is an out and out LIE. I most certainly NEVER said anything about CoolGirl to him. If I had a problem with CoolGirl I would more likely send her a note via homing pigeon than tell Dumbass about it.

After a conference today we are finally a united front against the tyranny and incompetance that is our boss. After the weekend there is a plan to speak to his supervisor about the ongoing problems. I predict that the shit will hit the fan. Should be fun.

Meanwhile I will be working on his preformance review.


Kav said...

I am so looking forward to hearing the outcome of this. I hate the git and I don't even know him!

Hmmm, is this an example of how the subtle bias of the media can influence us???

Shinobi said...

No, You'd hate him if you knew him. Anyone even remotely in their right mind would.

Kav said...

No, You'd hate him if you knew him. Anyone even remotely in their right mind would.

Ah, and now we have room for argument