Friday, July 01, 2005


Justice O'Connor has announced her retirement. (In case you've been sleeping all day.)

I've tried to be filled with hysteria and anxiety like everyone says good liberals should be doing. I don't really have the energy right now for hysteria. It would be like beating against a brick wall with my bare hands at this point.

I've also tried cautious optimism. While Bush and I agree on probably 0 things I thought maybe, just maybe he will pick someone good. That'd be great. I mean what a good time this would be for him to not fuck things up. It's not like the SC has been doing a bang up job lately anyway. I mean maybe he'll appoint someone who will be an actual improvement.

And then I thought about a lot of the things he's done recently. Like the great news we're getting from Afghanistan, a country barely registering in our country's memory. Or the constant squabbling over the Mess-O-Potamia. In fact it seems like we can't even appoint an ambassador to the UN without experiencing incompetence in some form or another.

And so now I have nothing left but Despair. Some Democrats are goign to make idiots out of themselves. Some republicans are going to be smug and laugh at the Democrats. And I'm going to sit here and wait for Bush to flush. This is so depressing.

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