Friday, July 15, 2005


I quit my job yesterday. Dumbass was amazingly unsurprised, but as the idea that I was leaving so soon began sinking in he started shaking and his eyes got all wide and scared. He nearly crapped himself when I told him I'd be leaving next Thursday. He has spent the last day or so going back and forth between people trying to figure out what is going on and asking them what he should do. They had to have several hours of tedious meetings to decide if they need to hire someone else, and then another set of meetings to make sure I was going to do work my last week here. WOOOOOOOO And when I told big boss that Dumbass had told me to look for another job he nearly choked on his chewing tobacco.

I'm probably not going to be blogging much in the interim. (Not that I've been doing a bang up job lately at all) But I have tons of crap to do and every spare moment in front of a computer will be spent looking for an apartment, or a subletter. I am hoping to find a cheap sublet for august/september and then get a nicer place. Apartment hunting from 600 miles away is always an extra challenge and August 15 seems awefully soon since i'm spending 10 days in the alaskan wilderness with my family. AH!

I'll be photo-blogging my Alaskan cruise that starts next Saturday, I'll post the link to that when I get it set up, but there wont be much else until mid August. (there go my already pathetic traffic stats)

Thanks to everyone for their support and for listening to me bitch for the past 11 months. I really appreciate it. Hopefully this will be an improvement.


Kav said...

Well done, have a good break and I look forward to seeing you back. In a virtual sense of course :-)

Ryan Somma said...

Chicago is an awesome city. You'll really enjoy it there, except the northeasters that will freeze your nose off. I'll look forward to you returning to regular blogging when you get settled in. Your posts have been very entertaining and insightful.

hubris said...

Best of luck, have fun on the cruise.