Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So no one needs the background on this. Foley, e-mails, Naughty, 16 year old boys. We're all on it by now I'm sure.

So, the question of the day is who is more irresponsible, the Republicans or the Democrats.

At first this looked bad for the republicans, apparently there were members of the party who were aware of it. And now the republicans are accusing the Democrats of sitting on the information until it would give them the most bang for their buck.

And this is where I get really contraversial.

Who gives a Shit? We're talking about 16 year olds. And I know, all the parents are simply "Horrified" because they have 16 year olds. But the CHILDREN.

I'm sorry charlie, but 16 year olds are NOT children. They are young adults. They send eachother naughty IMs all the time, how do I know this? Well I was recently 16, and I did it then, and well before I turned 16. None of them are being corrupted.

The worst part of this situation is that they are in a relatively powerless situation and are being sexually harassed by a superior. This isn't about the Children it is about respect in the workplace.

In other news, CONGRESS JUST RESCINDED THE RIGHT OF HABEAS CORPUS! (Okay okay you have to be declared an "enemy combatant" first.... which requires... y'know... no proof at all, and then you can be imprisoned and tortured by your own government. But hey man, you MIGHT be a terrorist. Interesting about how we keep hearing more about this drugs=terrorism situation........ I wonder how long before an ounce of pot gets you declared an Enemy Combatant.)

And we're seriously concerned about some sexual harassment charges. The government has just given itself the ability to imprison anyone in the world without any proof at all, and we're worried because somebody asked some 16 year olds if they were horny. OF COURSE they're horny, they're 16.

Really America? Is this what you care about? Really?

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