Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Fall of Reese's

Yes, I mean the candy.

It's Halloween, and that means that my office overflows with candy. And some of the people with candy even have "the good stuff" meaning Reese's, Kit Kats, Twix, Snickers, anything with yummy chocolate.

Reese's are my favorite candy, but I can't help noticing that this year the chocolate seems thinner, and every one I've unwrapped has been warped in some way. The chocolate melts so you can barely get the little cup off the bottom. They changed the packaging, and that I'll overlook, even if I miss the little cardboard peice under the wrapper holding everything together.

But it used to be that you could nibble on the chocolate all the way around the edge of a reese's and it would be satisfyingly crunchy, there would be enough chocolate for two passes. And the rest of the candy wouldn't totally fall apart in your hand.

Now I can't even take a bite of it without getting a little chocolate on my hands (a sign that the chocolate was poorly tempered).

What's up Hershey? What have you done to my Reese's?


Kav said...

Now your first problem is that its Hershey's chocolate. Blech!

Two years living in the states and it still makes me want to hurl. No idea how a whole country can love such foul stuff.

Your second problem is that it isn't Halloween yet! Thats not until next Tuesday. Its one day, not a season!!!

Sorry, sorry; still dealing with shops who start stocking Christmas stuff in August.

Must. Not. Pedentically. Rain. On. Parade. >grrr<

Kav said...

LOL, *pedantically*