Thursday, October 26, 2006

Be prepared, I'm pissed off.

I read this at feministe:

“But when it comes to this disaster, who started it? In his literature,
writer al-Rafee says, if I came across a rape crime, I would discipline the man
and order that the woman be jailed for life. Why would you do this, Rafee? He
said because if she had not left the meat uncovered, the cat wouldn’t have
snatched it.”

“If you get a kilo of meat, and you don’t put it in the fridge or in
the pot or in the kitchen but you leave it on a plate in the backyard, and then
you have a fight with the neighbour because his cats eat the meat, you’re crazy.
Isn’t this true?”

And I have a simple solution to this problem. It's time to poison the meat, and by that I mean it's time for "uncovered" women to start carrying machine guns.

Maybe when these "cats" go for the "uncovered meat" and get killed, the other "cats" will learn to stay the fuck away.

“Satan sees women as half his soldiers. You’re my messenger in necessity, Satan
tells women you‘re my weapon to bring down any stubborn man. There are men that I fail with. But you’re the best of my weapons.”

Sometimes I fantasize about getting a group of kickass women wearing nothing but machine guns walking through cities full of devout muslim men. And while they gawk and stare at our hotness, we can mow the fuckers down. Since men are apparently totally unable to control themselves around women it will be an easy victory for us.

Then we will truly be "satan's" best weapons. And I guess by "satan" I mean George Bush, not that I think he's "satan" it's just that we'd really be helping him out, and I don't believe in "satan." So there we go....

I'm not a muslim woman, and perhaps that is why I know that if anyone told me, and I mean anyone, parents, friends, government, anyone that I had to walk around with a veil over my head in order to be a decent person I would shoot the fucker.

There have been some posts at various feminist blogs arguing about the hijab and the veil. Saying that women who are forbidden to wear them are limited from the public sphere. And that women who chose to wear them gain greater rights from their families.

But here is what I think, not that it matters.

If your family or your religion is holding you back, then I think it is time to leave them behind. Obviously I don't think women should kill their parents, or anyone but I do think they should leave their homes, find other options, if they are unhappy. It is a scary step to take, and easier said than done. But I do not think that someone should remain in a situation where they are not valued or trusted or treated as someone with rights and free will.

I understand the lure of not having to make difficult choices, of submitting to another's will. It is safe, there is little responsibility, though it is not always easy because you have to make sacrifices and do what you would rather not. Religion and love of family can make submiting to another's will feel like it is the right think to do. But in the end no matter how much you trust someone else to decide what is best for you or to guide your decisions, they are still not you. They have no rights over you. And while they may THINK they are doing what is best for you, they are only human. And personally if I am going to make a mistake, or be unhappy, or even be happy, I want to do it because of a choice I made, not because of one that was made for me.

So I guess I'm saying that women who cannot work without sheilding themselves from the gaze of others, should leave the religion and culture that says they must hide themselves, and the family that limits their choices.

Easier said than done.

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