Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I am sleepy, so I'm going to post about this MSNBC article. Now see here, the article is just about sleep in America and how americans aren't getting the sleep we need. I'm not going to talk about the poll today, I'm tired. But I am going to talk about the headline that I saw on MSNBC that caused me to link to the article.

B'scuse me? Okay, so maybe that is true for some people. But this article mentions sex Twice, but there is only one fact about it in the WHOOOOLE thing.

  • Roughly one-fourth of respondents who have partners report that their sexual relationship has been hurt because they have been too sleepy. They had sex less often or lost interest in having sex because they were too tired.

That's all she wrote kids. That's it. That's how we know that AMERICANS are too sleepy for sex, not jsut some Americans who have very busy lives or blah blah blah. Clearly.

I hate journalists. They make ridiculous claims and have little or no evidence to support them. But the claim is all about the hook, getting people to read the article, getting ratings. Bastards. Well I promise to keep writing boring stuff so on one will ever read it. But hopefully it will be factually valid.

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