Monday, March 21, 2005

Numbers for thought

An ABC poll (N=501 margin of error=4.5%) conducted Sunday found that 60% of those polled opposed of federal intervention in the Schiavo Case. 70% said it was "not Appropriate" for congress to get involved.

Self labled "Conservatives" were most supportive of Congress's move 48% saying they supported federal intervetion in the matter. 44% of Evangelical Protestants supported the move. (I don't know what % of the respondants were conservative/liberal, I can only see what there results are, I would like to know just to make sure that there is enough data for each group to constitute a sample.)

Another interesting post from over on Cabal shows how numbers and comparisons can be misleading when discussing prisoners of war.

The setup is: 108 POWs have already died in American custody, while only 114 American POWs died while in North Viestnamese custody during the entire war!

For some reason, Atrios skips the other question that immediately came to my mind - how many POWs were taken overall by each country?

Read on to find out.

2.5 hours left at work.

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