Monday, March 28, 2005

Post-Easter Post

It's another Gloomy day here in da burgh. Flew in this morning under approximately 3 layers of clouds, ridiculous. I feel like crap. Today I will see how little time I can spend in the office and still get paid.

Anyway on Sunday I went to church because it makes my crazy mother happy and I love her, so I go. I stood in the aisle (no seats left) with my little sister and groaned inwardly when the homily started. But this hear Msgr talked about the Terri Schiavo case (instead of how all the people who show up to Easter mass were missing about 51 other Masses every year.) And I was expecting a right to life diatribe, but he didn't give us one. Instead he read parts of articles that had been in the post presenting differing views. And then he read a passage by someone old whose name I don't remember about how death is God calling us to him, and it was really beautiful. And that was the first time in ages that I didn't hate the Catholic Church.

It seems like the opposite might be beginning to happen all over the country, Jeff Jarvis's Jumping the shark post was GREAT and I really agree that I think the fundamentalists have pushed it too far this time. At least I hope there is some kind of backlash over this.

I do find it interesting how easily people are mislead by the media. My Aunt was going on and on yesterday about how "all these people" agreed with Terri's parents. And I pointed out the different polls that I've read and that all of them had a majority disagreeing with Congress's action. She mentioned too that she heard lots of people on the radio and I pointed out that people who strongly oppose this are more likely to call into a radio show than people who think the whole thing is a family matter. Nutjobs make better radio/tv than normal people, apparently she never watched the real world.

I am concerned that people whose views are more secular will decide that they are clearly the minority and they should just shut up. Because I don't think we are. We shall have to see.

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