Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mind Numbingly Bored

I am so freaking bored. Oh god. I have read like 20 blogs today and my brain hurts. My group is in Virginia meeting with the client(The makers of Cancer Sticks), and I'm "holding down the fort" which consists of sitting on my ass and occasionally copying and pasting some data from one spreadsheet to another. And on the way into work today I saw no less than 3 mullets. All of whom work here and probably make more money than I do. Which is appalling. I HAVE to get out of here.

Links of the day, Ilkya is having estrogen week on her blog. Interesting highlighting of female bloggers, myself not included, that's okay though because I'd rather be known for my brilliant rhetorical stylings unlike Libertarian "Girl".

Iowahawk has an article about fundraising for the victims spotlighted in the Mommy Madness article. Absolutely fabulous, I'm going to run right out and donate.

And now I would like to plug Diet Coke with Lime! I have been adding lime to diet coke for years, but do you know how hard it is to find a lime? It is fabulous.

One more plug, The Committee To Protect Bloggers for the guys in Iran. I hope we help the people in Nepal next. (They should get some oil and I'm sure we'd be there protecting their rights already, if by protecting their rights you mean blowing things up.)

I forgot my book today, I'm reading Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics. It is really interesting, I'm reading about how the Nixon administration manipulated pollsters and how it helped them push back watergate. Very cool.

I'll probably post a long summary of important points when I get further into the book so all of you people who don't want to read 300 pages about the Nixon administration (not that I blame you) can get the gist. But one of my highschool history teacher Mrs. Scarpinato recomended it and I figured it was high time I get to reading it.

hehe high. Okay, I'm going to go away now.

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