Monday, February 07, 2005


This article probably belongs on my other blog, but I think I may just consolidate the two, so people looking for statistics will have to skim my rantings, they can suffer.

Today, I feel like venting, and so I will share with you, dear reader, the two things in the world that I have the most disdain for.

1. Religious fanatics- many of these individuals exhibit a failure to think for themselves and criticly evaluate facts that boggles the mind. While I do understand the comfort and joy that a strong faith can bring I think it is important not to let faith overcome reality. Individuals who do not have the capacity to critically evaluate the world around them and understand concepts without the aid of a pre determined world view should be culled out of society. Instead they are the only ones breeding because they don't believe in birth control.

2. Journalists-many of these individuals exhibit a failure to think for themselves and criticly evaluate facts that boggles the mind. (Sorry Pat and Pat's friends who are journalists, but it is the truth, and I don't believe in disgusing the truth!) So often I read articles from reputable magazines or news sources that completely miss the mark. And often these articles are nothing but the writer's opinion. ( please note that this blog does not purport to be full of facts, merely critical evaluation of facts portrayed in the news media) In fact, journalists have no place evaluating facts (partially because their evaluation is probably WRONG) but their job is to REPORT the news, not to comment on it. It is so hard to find out what is going on in this world without having it skewed by the tarnished lens that is journalism.

Today I have 2 examples of #2 that have seriously pissed me off, this article from Business 2.0 COMPLETELY ignores the existance of gamers as a sect of computer users and makes assumptions about the future of computing while failing to acknowledge a very major group of consumers. This is not wise. His assumption that disk space and ram are replaceable is very very wrong. For while some games are moving to a networked format (WoW) these games are A, still not the norm and B still require substantial processing power on the part of the machine and this is not likely to end in order to provide a good gaming experience. So yeah, while he may be right, his hypothesis is flawed because he has failed to evaluate the situation properly.

My other problem is THIS (Via supposed journalist who seems to be working for Mr. Bush and softballing him on purpose so he can look good in news conferences. This, is Rather annoying. Also it takes valueable time away from the white house answering valid questions about the many many issues arising during their reign.

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