Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Gender Lies

So apparently "Libertarian Girl" is a guy. (yes, i'm an instaSlut)

I find this funny, because I had just been bitching to my boyfriend (I am a girl, not a gay man) about how I am so distressed that there are few female political bloggers for whom I have any respect. I am sure there Are some who Deserve respect, but somehow any of the blogs I read that are written by chicks seem to degenerate into who wore what to the grammy's and...well, other crap. (Now accepting good blog recomendations!!)

But really, I am stunned that someone would pretend to be a girl just to get traffic to their blog. I mean, the reason I like blogging is because it doesn't matter if the writer is a hottie, it matters what they say. I blog because I want my thoughts to be heard, not so some guy can oggle my pic while skimming my articles. And I think that the same can be said for any blogger. If you want traffic for being hot, start a porn site.

We finally have a chance to evaluate other people based on their thoughts and opinions, why is it always about looks? Isn't that what celebrities are for?

Speaking of hotties check out Hubris. ;-)

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