Monday, December 05, 2005

A War I agree with

War has been declared, on Christmas!

Finally a war I can really get behind. Come on people, support the troops, don't let them down by questioning the validity of this mission.

And by the troops, I mean mean me.

And by mission, I mean throwing the radio in the cube next to me out of the window.


How many different people can sing the same 10 songs, seriously. This is eating my soul.


JB said...

Christmas rocks! :) Now you go have a nice day :)

Shinobi said...

Clearly you have never worked retail.

Anonymous said...

Shamen Claus brings my kids gifts Christman on Winter Solstice.

siiiileeeent night,
shortest-day-of-wiiiinter night,
aaaaallll is clams
aaaaaallllll is bright
round yon equitorial equinox gooooooo yyeeeeee!
sleeeep in secular-heavenly sleeeeeeep


Yes I know I'm a dogmatic bastard!


Anonymous said...

oops, "shaman claus" that is, normally I don't mind mispelling things but shaman claus will put me on the naughty list if I do that.


Anonymous said...

people should give themselves the best Christmas present ever. Don't go into debt for XMAS. just say no to credit cards. Trust me, come January you'll say - that was the best Christmas ever.

Averroes said...

I don't know if you are a bastard, pyrrho, and i don't care. The accidents of your birth don't concern me.

Shinobi said...

Pyrrho, my new favorite christmas carol.

Anonymous said...

> Shamen Claus brings my kids gifts Christman on Winter Solstice.

I have no idea how the word "christman" got in there and I don't even think I typed it... an act of god possibly.

further, I believe I was taking a cue from a dear fellow with excellent ideas and posting intoxicated. As you can see I'm not a mean drunk.


Anonymous said...


you have to sing real quick to get some of the extra syllables to fit in.

Shinobi said...

Pyrrho, that's the fun bit!

Anonymous said...

but some of the songs are ok. It's just that the bad ones are so bad that they make up for the goodness of the good ones. In fact, not only do they make up, but they completely surpass them in their badness. If that makes any sense whatsoever.