Thursday, January 27, 2005

Foot Amputation!

Got your attention didn't I? According to the AP via the NYtimes a new study conducted in europe has found a connection between risk factors for Heart Disease and nerve problems in diabetics. (which can result in the amputation of feet or other limbs OUCH.)

This study applies only to Diabetics with Type I diabetes (which is Juvenile onset diabetes, different from Type II which is usually caused by obesity).

here's an excerpt:

"British researchers selected 1,172 Type 1 patients throughout Europe and monitored their smoking habits, weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol and triglyceride levels over seven years. Nearly a quarter of them developed nerve damage during that time. After adjusting for how well patients' blood-sugar levels were controlled, scientists found an apparent connection between nerve damage and risk factors for heart disease. For example, patients who had high blood pressure were twice as likely to develop nerve problems"

I was concerned that they had failed to take into account an individual's blood sugar levels as well as their heart disease risk factors, but apparently they "adjusted" for it. Which I hope means that they were tracking that as well and not taking an individual's word for it. However some of these people may be on medications or have other habits that are factors. But overall I think this study is a good one to help jump off into further research on diabetic patients (Controlled experiments etc)

So while obviously maintaining a healthy body weight, low cholesterol, low blood pressure and not smoking are EXCELLENT ways to help lessen your risks and are healthy habits to have anyway, this article DOES NOT MEAN that you should stop monitoring your blood sugar.

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