Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Every Major Poll

Apparently the Iraqi's are pissed that we invaded their country. (SURPRISE!!!!) According to "every major poll" Mr. Nordland says in his amazingly unbiased article in Newsweek. (please note sarcasm) He cites Every major poll but the rest of his article is devoid of any details related to said polls. In Fact, the only information I can see supporting his claim that "Americans 'liberated' Iraq, but it's hard to find anyone who is grateful." is that there were 11 suicide bombings last week.

"Iraqis often point out that Saddam Hussein talked about freedom and democracy almost as much as the Americans do. Back in his day, Iraqis were free to vote in one-party elections, and did so with such zeal that he once won 104 percent of the vote. When the Americans arrived almost two years ago, most Iraqis had high hopes for much better. Now every major poll shows an ever-larger majority of Iraqis want the Americans to leave."

I am appalled that he would imply that Iraqis would lookback to the era of one party elections and death squads with longing. Now, I do not necessarily think that all Iraqi's are thrilled we are there. I certainly was opposed to the war when we started it, but now that we have begun I only hope that what was begun in stupidity can be finished with a thriving democracy in Iraq. And I hope that our coalition troops do a good job, but I don't know the facts so I will not speculate like some journalists on the horrors of being in Iraq, because I am cozy in my cube here in the U.S.

So, back to the polls. I looked on google for polls done within the last 6 months and had no luck. I'll keep searching and update later if I find them. Maybe I'll e-mail Mr. Nordland and see which polls he's talking about. Because I certainly can't find any that would be representative of the current mood in Iraq.

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