Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I don't even know what to say.

We're seriously reaching whole new levels of irrationality with this War on Pot. This kind of shit really makes me want to get into conspiracy theory zone as it is difficult for me to find any rational explaination for the continued persecution of pot users.

I thought the whole point of making drugs illegal was to protect people from hurting themselves? But now we're going to be sure to keep them illegal even when they are helping?

I mean... WHY? It just makes no rational sense, especially when not too long ago we were force feeding a woman who was totally non responsive. And now we are attempting to take away the thing that is helping keep a cognizant woman alive?

......................................... it makes no fucking sense.

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DED said...

No, no sense at all.

It's been alleged (not sure if it was ever proven) that Dupont bankrolled the anti-marijuana movement in this country because hemp was too dominant in the rope market for its fledgling product, nylon, to make any headway.

Rope may not seem like that big a market, but it's a sleeper. Shipping and construction were big uses at the time.