Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Anti Feminist Conspiracy Theorist

This is so crazy I can barely get through it. Apparently feminism is all part of some evil one world government scheme. I wonder if the author should actually consider seeing a mental health professional. But considering she puts "quotes" around it every time she says it, it seems like she's already been and didn't like it when her shrink told her she was crazy.

Feministe and femenisting (thematic no?) have more interesting posts about her lovely writings. I am just going to post my letter to her as I sooo enjoyed writing it and it will give me satisfaction to know that someone has actually read it.

Good Afternoon Ms. Levant,

I'm sure that in light of the fact that I am one of the "Dumbest Women who have ever walked the earth" you are not exactly delighted to hear from me. I had considered writing to you to prove you wrong about how dumb I am based on my various academic and professional accomplishments. But this does not seem like it would be entirely productive. You have clearly made up your mind that as someone who desires rights of her own (like the right to own property, to have my own income, to vote etc) I am part of some vast conspiracy to unite the world under some strange form of socialist fascism.

It seems that you long for the days where women were unable to vote, own property, make choices about their own reproduction, work outside the home, get a college degree, or publish books in their own name. And while this is not a longing that I share, I can understand how you would not want to feel the heavy weight of responsibility on your shoulders. So if you prefer to transfer that weight to the stronger more capable shoulders of your husband, I, even as a feminist, can understand. You don't have to vote, or excersize your "rights" to own property, or get a degree, or publish (oh, too late on that one eh?). It is your right to refuse these "rights" that you find so oppressive, as they are a product of feminism.

As one of the dumbest women on earth I find myself puzzled by your stance on feminism. Perhaps you in your wisdom can clarify it for me. How is it that a member of a group can campaign for the continued subjegation for that group as a whole? Why would an individual stand up and say "People who are like me are stupid and do not deserve rights." It puzzles me. My first thought is that someone with such a low opinion of themselves should seek the guidance of a "mental health" professional, who can help them navigate their own self loathing in a more personalized manner that will not actively hurt the cause of their fellows.

While I can understand why one would be willing to give up their own freedoms for a lifestyle or set of beliefs they prefer, I do not think that that individual has the right to hurt the cause of others who desire such rights. I, for instance, plan to go to graduate school, and maybe write a book some day, I look forward to owning my own home having a career and living a long, happy and child free life. If this means that I am supporting an evil one government social fascist conspiracy, well then, it is a conspiracy I am not that upset about participating in. A government that allows me to do exactly what I want with my life without limits based on my gender can't be THAT bad.



DED said...

Whoops! Someone forgot to tell my wife she's not supposed to have kids AND a career.

Holy crap! That women is insane! Men created the feminist movement to get commoners to stop breeding? I don't know how to respond to that except to say (again), "That woman is insane!"

Shinobi said...

I know, Right?

If she can get published then I should hurry up and finish my book on the finer points of communicating with aliens.

Jenn Astle said...

That's not the half of it, apparently feminists are in cahoots with the Rockefeller's to establish a world system of economics (according to one man who apparently has a PhD.??)and are working to encourage illegal immigrants into the US, so long as they're women (according to a NY lawyer).

For a group of people who think we're just a bunch of dumb broads they give us an awful lot of credit.

Anonymous said...

search "Rockefeller foundation" and "feminism" and you will see just how much funding and influence they get from them. One has to ask why would the billionaire Rockefellers be so interested in funding feminism through these so-called "foundations."

feminism HAS resulted in large reductions in birth rates. It promotes infanticide and abortion, and promotes single-mothers. For some reason feminism hates families and fathers and husbands, and seeks to replace fathers with the State. You don't see ANYTHING wrong with this?

feminists continuously ignore the fact that single-mother households are one of the most dangerous places for children. Single mothers commit 38.8% of child murders, while single fathers commit only 17.1%, that's a DRASTIC difference, and with other stats they continuously show that mothers are more dangerous to children than fathers with other forms of abuse. Over 80% of male gang members live in single-mother households, without their fathers

no doubt about it, feminism despises families and especially fathers, and considers the importance of fathers to be absolutely trivial. Yet for all its talk of "independence" the most ardent feminists always vote for big government, big welfare politicians, so much for "independence". The same feminists vote for the politicians that will marginalize and tax men at higher rates, just replacing families and fathers with the State, one or another feminists always end up marginalizing men

Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of information here and I was just looking for how women oppress other women. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

" Wow, lots of information here and I was just looking for how women oppress other women. Thanks! " You don't have to look any further than feminism. They, and their ilk have become the men that women used to hate.

Anonymous said...'s feminism that causes men to walk out of their responsibillities? How many single parents are out there and how many are women? Where do you find feminists advocating single parents with no men taking part in their children? How poor are these single mothers? Where do they live? Are they able to earn a decent living? What education do they havDid they decide they wanted to be single parents or did their S-O leave them?

Joseph said...

As with anyone who mentions a touchy subject surrounded by the usual manufactured politically correct BS, the woman who wrote this is accused of being insane/schizophrenic etc. etc.

But as a male who dated a feminist radical lesbian for a brief period I can tell you that there IS something 'fishy' about this whole feminist thing.(And I can tell you that even the most radical of lesbians need the love of a 'daddy figure' more than they will EVER be allowed to admit by their programming.) I had an open mind and partook of all the usual feminist literature and novels that were heaped upon me in an attempt to 'brainwash' me into feminist indoctrination. And, afterall the male population must give at least their consent for this drudgery to continue.

After digesting many of the 'women's interest' propaganda with a critical eye I came to see some common threads pop up in all of this. Marxism, Man-hating, anti-male shaming tactics that include mostly ad homimem attacks and the refusal to address any complaint in a logical manner that did not involve violently (In a mental sense.) shutting down any debate on the matter whatsoever.

If you look at our culture sexuality has gone out of control.
Varying degress of homosexuality have run rampant.The family unit has been all but destroyed and yes I believe men are getting their own brainwashing through porn/playboy etc. etc. etc. Mankind has been thouroughly emasculated. And if you want it that way you will have it, but it DOES NOT work that way. A man does not naturally play well as the submissive role. Trying to change that is only beating your head against the wall. The idea that the occasional an most likely rare instances of female abuse is the motivating principle behind feminism is absurd although it does make a good excuse for feminism in the minds of many. However, there is much more to this agenda than most would admit and I think that many of you will eventually find the freedom of both sexes faltering in the near future as a result of all of this BS.

I would urge anyone with an open mind to seriously look into and study feminism and its connection to eugenics.

Or you could just dismiss logical discourse and jump to the conclusion that I am a schizophrenic. Your choice.