Thursday, December 28, 2006


Many women like taller guys. This sucks, but is true. I like taller guys too, you know why, because I'm tall. 6' tall to be exact. So today when I watched a little video on about height and it's affects in the work place, I thought I might find out about how height affects my life.

Video: Are you tall enough?* (I'm not sure if this link will work, I tried to e-mail it to myself.)

The tagline for the piece was an extra inch is worth $800. Which sounds like an interesting statistic. But the whole piece is ridiculously unscientific. The guy who wrote Blink is on it talking about how it is so unfair that tall guys have the edge. And I'm sure he had more valuable things to say about height than that.

But apparently that's not interesting enough. The piece de reisstance, they take some guys to a speed dating affair and "prove" it by finding that the chicks were more positive about the Tall Guys. They even say it is not scientific, so WHY do it, It's completely retarded. What if the short guys they picked just happened to be gomers, and that's why they got rated lower. And the stereotypes they put on the guys AH! Disgusting! Then they even go out of their way to make the girls feel bad about liking the tall guys more. They call this news?????? Come ON!

And then the piece ends and I'm thinking. So what about the women? Women can't be tall too? I mean we are on average shorter, but height affects our lives too! IF it doesn't matter if women are tall then they should say so. But that seems unlikely, considering the many times I have had people stand next to me and go "Wow, you're taaaaaaaallllll."

To me it seems like they are saying that the affects of height in the workplace and the dating scene ONLY matter to men. Well they matter to me! They only talk about its affects on men's salary, as if women don't have salaries to worry about, nor do women ever date or have to get things off of shelves apparently.

What the fuck CNN? Way to leave half the population out of your completely stupid news piece.

This is me, sticking to print from now on.


markm said...

SO, at $800/in. that makes me worth either $58,600 (which is bunk) or $5,600...depending on how you look at it :)

Chris said...

about height and it's affects in the work place

thats Effects, not Affects

Chris S. said...

Funny. I am not sure how I got to this blog but I enjoyed the entry. I am a short male 5'4"-5'5" depending on the shoes. See, I have already been pre-programed to add a few inches!

I find it interesting that they break down income vis a vis height. Obviously, professional athletes would skew the statistics in favor of taller men. There is a much more positive correlation between income and education level. I have a MBA in Management so I don't really think that my height will have an effect on my income as much as my education.

What disappoints me about being a short male? That it is perceived by me and the rest of society that 1) women don't want me (both tall and short, although obviously more so tall women) 2) I don't want to date tall women.

I think a lot of this speaks to the general shallowness of society. We can talk about genetics and natural selection: how men with more cherubic faces appear to women to be better fathers vs. the Marlboro man who makes women want to get naked(I am of the former category, STRIKE TWO!), but I think that people need a logical reason to eliminate potential mates. Height, weight, race, intelligence, etc. are all ways we must discriminate. Yes, discrimination is a natural thing but it does not make it the ideal.

While I love the person that I am regardless of my height (not in spite of it) I am saddened that I cannot date a tall girl because of the attention it will draw. There are a lot of beautiful tall girls out there!

Anonymous said...

That is so true. Because I'm 6 foot tall and 15 and I'm still growing. I'm one of the tallest kids in the hallways. I feel that I can't ever find someone that likes me back because of my height. Ohh like shorter girls have more "personality" than the taller girls. I know what you mean! I have people tell me all the time that I'm tall it gets old, bu I get used to it. I actually don't care about the height,its the personality and who they really are not looks. That should be the way people like each other not because of looks or anything of that matter. Ohh and by the way...That was a really good piece. Better than most.=] I liked it. Ohh yeah to that person "Chris" no one is perfect and get a life! Because no one actually says" Hey they don't know how to spell or they've got their grammar all wrong". No one is perfect. and most of the population is girls.