Thursday, June 29, 2006


Why don't we have programs like this in the us?

SENDAI--Tohoku University is to dispatch "Science Angels"--female volunteer students from its graduate school--to primary, middle and high schools in Sendai to attract more females into science.

Instead we sit around debating whether women are really good at science. Well Japan seems to think we are

Prof. Motoko Kotani, who is in charge of the program, said, "An analysis of academic performance by 15-year-olds shows that women are not inferior to men in scientific subjects."


Kav said...

Is there really a debate over whether women are good at science?

My wife is a scientist and my boss is a woman. I am in no doubt.

Shinobi said...

Don't you remember that whole, president of Harvard hubub a while back? They keep trying to justify why there are fewer women in science and ending up with conclusions along the lines of they must just not be very good at it, or that we are innately dissinterested in it, or that we are not dedicated enough. (wanting to have families, WHAT you can't do that and be a scientist!!)

But I think we are just socialized that way.