Friday, April 28, 2006

The Day Without an Immigrant

Thank god, Finally, a day when someone wont mumble in my general direction in spanish. Oh wait, no, You're going to all come downtown and be rowdy while I'm trying, to you know, work. Fabulous, and then I wont be able to get home because You'll be crowding the streets and causing traffic jams. I really wish it WERE a day without an immigrant. If you want to protest your treatment here in America, oh illegal immigrants who are so crucial to our very being, why don't you GO HOME.


Anonymous said...

Yeah no doubt about not being able to get home from work I live close to MacArthur park in Los Angeles. To bad they really wouldn't stay home or go home!

Anonymous said...

man! it really is disappointing that people can actually post statements such as yours... your thoughts are your own, i suppose. still, i wonder if your ancestors were once "foreigners" or immigrants, and whether they weren't ever frustrated by poverty, lack of services and whether they ever felt compelled by such instincts as survival. don't assume that your present condition of privilege allows you the right to put down others who would like to have what you have, what you are privileged to have... please remember that not all immigrants speak spanish... and in any other country, your great american-ness means nothing - you are an immigrant, a foreigner, an outsider, one who rumbles in English (alas! a foreign language that isn't superior but actually quite a product of patchwork borrowings from other well-developed languages)!